Here is a small list of items that you should have in the event the power is going to go out for more than a few hours. I live out of town on an acreage so most of this is written with that in mind and not so much for someone living in an apartment.

This is in no way a comprehensive list and is in no way written in stone or in the order you may want it. This is just a good start and for your reference only. I’m not responsible for how you use this information. (Example of this is storing 500 gallons of gas in unsafe containers near your fireplace.)

1) Generator.
There is no excuse not to have one. They are always on sale at the box stores so get one as soon as you can. This will be fundamental in keeping your food from spoiling and your security system working locally. (As well as keeping your satellite system working)

2) Gas for the generator. LOTS of gas as long as you can store it safely in accordance with local regulation.

3) Extension cords For your generator to keep your freezer and fridge operational. 12/3 or bigger the better for long lengths. (I've had to do that myself when the power was out for 8 hours here in Saskatchewan.)

4) Crank AM / FM radios. Lots of box stores sell them and they come in a verity of real cool features. They are cheap, and you should have a few of them. Keep them charged up by cranking as you want to use your generator for crucial items.

5) Crank Flashlights. Same as the radios and some even come as both flash light and radio.

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